Actually, the point of this blog is not to make money. You won’t see any ads. You won’t see any paid posts. It’s a personal marketing blog with the goal to actually be useful. My goal is to post at least one useful post per month.

About me

In high school, I was a horrible writer. It’s a strange confession for someone that writes ads for a living, but it was true. I was good at math and science. With that combination, I thought I’d be successful as a mechanical engineer, the broadest engineering major I could pick. I went on, but disliked my engineering classes. The most important subject I learned, relating to advertising, was statistics.

At college, my dad gave me an advertising book that he had buried away. It hadn’t been opened for probably two decades. It was Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples. I found it really interesting. This is the first advertising book I had ever read, and it’s basic approaches have been what I’ve based my advertising theories around ever since.

I changed career paths. Then, I became a much better writer in college. I was working on advertising campaigns while in college. I even wrote about some of the campaigns in my research papers. I used data from my campaigns to prove points. Sometimes I’d create ads just for the class. All these steps lead me to creating an advertising business.

Short version

I’m a guy in my 20s that makes money advertising online. I earn commission and am not paid a salary.

This blog focuses on advertising techniques that I’ve tried. It’s not about my personal life – unless it relates to marketing.

If you want to meet me, I usually attend Affiliate Summit and Ad:Tech. Also, you can follow my Twitter account if you’re interested in reading my random – yet highly speculative – marketing observations.

Disclaimer: Do not trust what you read at this blog – although I try to be as accurate as possible. A lot of the posts here are meant to encourage you to split-test everything – and I do make a lot of mistakes.

I also post affiliate links occasionally. It’s not to make money. It’s actually to determine if my readers really sign up or buy the things I tell them to. If you “vote” with your money (i.e., by buying an advertising book I cited), it must mean you appreciated what I said – and that I should talk about that subject more often. As stated earlier, since I don’t even have banner ads on this site, money is obviously not an issue with this blog.

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