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  • Uncommon leadership tips from David Ogilvy

    Uncommon leadership tips from David Ogilvy

    There’s an interesting Englishman who moved to America in 1938. He got his start working for Gallup and running polls door to door—learning what people want and their opinions. In the 1950s, He created and lead his agency and influenced millions of people that never heard even his name.  He helped propel small companies into…

  • How David Ogilvy wrote ads for B2B

    How David Ogilvy wrote ads for B2B

    We rarely see good B2B copywriting. Businesses are usually copy their competitors or are too scared to say anything of substance. Here’s a powerful one from David Ogilvy. Headline: Why Puerto Rico is the most profitable of Omark Industries’ 14 plant sites in 5 countries. You can use this as a template: Headline template: Why…

  • One “Unbelievable” Call-to-Action Color Makes $80 Million

    One “Unbelievable” Call-to-Action Color Makes $80 Million

    Update: The original post is below regarding the number one color that Bing a/b tested. After Bing, I also added an interesting finding from Google and what their preferred color may be. The $80 million color is: #0044CC That “code” is a precise shade of blue, and it works when a link is the call-to-action.…

  • A Dozen+ Tactical Ad Strategies From Affiliate Summit Vegas 2017

    I’m going share actionable tips I learned from Affiliate Summit to write better ad copy, improve your conversion rate, scale on Facebook ads, and business meeting strategies (not your typical “networking” tips).

  • The 2 tweaks that will make you dominate in any competitive market (Part 6)

    This is the LAST part in the series on how to overcome a saturated niche. You may read part one through five here. This post is theoretical with actionable tips (assuming you’ve read the first five posts in the series).