How David Ogilvy wrote ads for B2B

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We rarely see good B2B copywriting. Businesses are usually copy their competitors or are too scared to say anything of substance. Here’s a powerful one from David Ogilvy.

Headline: Why Puerto Rico is the most profitable of Omark Industries’ 14 plant sites in 5 countries.

You can use this as a template:

Headline template: Why [unique mechanism or intriguing service name] is the most profitable of [a client’s] [X number] of [category of service providers, vendors, etc.]

How Ogilvy promoted his ad agency

One technique was to show how successful he was in promoting other clients. Essentially, showcasing amazing case studies.

Another strategy, is when he wrote the educational piece, How to create advertising that sells.

how to create advertising that sells

Look at the introduction he used in this copy:

Ogilvy & Mather has created over $1,480,000,000 worth of advertising, and spent $4,900,000 tracking the results.

Here, with all the dogmatism of brevity, are 38 of the things we have learned.

You can take this example too and use it as a template: [Company] has done X Number of [need] and [proof].

Regarding the proof, the $4.9 million that is mentioned is what Ogilvy used to show that they hold themselves accountable, and their results are provable.

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