Download this rare $74.91 copywriting book for free

One of the most important advertising books, ever written, is Breakthrough Advertising, by Eugene Schwartz.

The reason that you can get this book for free: is because, I think, it’s now public domain. The other copies that are no longer in print, are expensive.

Download: PDF (via or Scribd)

Update: I’ve been informed that the above links no longer work. You can still get this book for free if you live in the U.S. Librarians may request it to be sent to your local library.

Proof that this book is awesome

Now, I know a lot of you read this blog because I cite studies instead of relying on “hype” or just providing an opinion. So I’m going to release a deep analysis on how to overcome saturation very soon. This will be based on this book.

I will provide one bit of proof right now though. Think of the target audience for this book, in the 1960s. Businessmen (or women) think that you have to be creative to write a winning advertisement. And, being creative sounds really hard to do at the flip of a switch. But, if you flip open the book, the introduction has one headline:

Creativity can be made to order if you follow this simple rule

It instantly connects with most of its potential readership.

And bonus points for you if you noticed the “simple rule” part. Have you seen the online ads that claim:

New secret shows how I lost 20 lbs by following this simple rule

I think this is more than enough proof, by only looking at the first line, that Eugene Schwartz is awesome at copywriting.

Download the book, add it to iBooks (or Android’s equivalent), and read it at your leisure. Enjoy.

And, by the way, it’s worth way more than 75 bucks anyway.

Headlines written by Eugene Schwartz

• If you’re over 30, this is the best exercise you can do for your face, your heart and your body (See full ad here.)

• Up to 9 Miles More Per Gallon! Up To 20 More Horsepower!

• Boost Your Child’s Brain

• How To Live To Be A Hundred!

• How To Turn Your Child Into A Classroom Wizard

• Let This Machine Work On Your Mind For One Evening

• Now! Turn Your Mind Into A Mental Magnet (See full ad here.)

• Turn Yourself Into a Learning Machine

• Use Your Newspaper To Boost Your Child’s Grades

• You Will Lose Up To 100 Pounds Per Year

• The British Miracle that Creates Super Plants

• How to Rinse Away Your Blackheads

• How To Grow Thousands of Flowers Without Dirtying Your Hands

• Give Me One Evening and I’ll Give You a Push-Button Memory

• Hollywood Plastic Surgeon’s Amazing New Book Shows How Any Woman Over Thirty Can

• How To Grow Thousands of Flowers Without Dirtying Your Hands

• Give Me 15 Minutes and I’ll Give You a Super-Power Memory
—Harry Lorraine book

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8 responses to “Download this rare $74.91 copywriting book for free”

  1. Mitchell Avatar

    I became really obsessed with copywriting 2 years ago and schwartz has always been one of my favorites. This is a great book, but have you taken a look at some of his space ads? One of my favorites is “Turn your mind into a mental magnet”

  2. Shock Marketer Avatar
    Shock Marketer

    In case anyone is interested in the ad, “Turn your mind into a mental magnet,” here it is (from a 1967 newspaper):

  3. Velva Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Velva Fitzpatrick

    Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one!

  4. A Raymond Randall Avatar
    A Raymond Randall

    Thanks for Breakthrough Advertising, by Eugene Schwartz.

    This classic deserves continuous reading and review.


  5. Robert Worstell Avatar

    A shame, but the millionaire copyright owner (who only lets the big hardback be printed) unleashed his legal hounds and DMCA stooges on anyone who had this available. It’s still readily available via torrent. These PDF versions are missing the last page of the introduction. They are based on the Edelson version, not the earlier Prentice-Hall version.

  6. jane Avatar

    It’s gone from both sources 🙁

  7. Joe Martin Avatar
    Joe Martin

    The PDF and Scribd links no longer work. Any leads (other than Amazon for $250) on where I can find this book?

  8. Viache Avatar

    The links don’t work. Can anybody share pdf or point where to buy it for reasonable price? So far it’s available on Amazon, used for $250 and more.

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