Keyword Tool: Number of Google Searches/Clicks

Google has a traffic estimator (aka Traffic Estimator Sandbox) that allows you to check the amount of clicks each key term/phrase will generate per day, but they require you to put in a lot of information (regarding CPC, target country, etc.).

So, if you bookmark this page, this form could just make things a little bit simpler:

Keyword tips

[keyword] – if you want to measure an exact search term/phrase.

“keyword” – includes phrase with possible search terms added to it.

keyword – broad/general search.

-keyword – negates a term.

PS: I don’t think anyone else has posted this form on any websites, but it’s always possible.

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One response to “Keyword Tool: Number of Google Searches/Clicks”

  1. jonathan shambarger Avatar

    Sweet!! Dude this tool is amazing and you have made it simple to use which, for me, is necessary.. Thank you so much.
    Of course I am cross refferencing my results with other sources i’ve used in the past to see the acuracy, but so far so good!

    thanks again

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